Hey guys! Welcome to the design section of Southern Zest! This area is a work in progress, but I figured I’d give y’all a quick description of what I love to do –

Plain and simple – I love to design! And I want to design things for you! I have a degree in art and whenever I wasn’t in the studio a lot of my time in college took place in the Graphic Design Lab. I have a lot of fun playing with colors, patterns, textures and fonts, and even dabbling in some illustration…probably too much fun! I can make everything from custom wall art to birthday party or wedding invitations and more. Plus most of what I do is custom work, so don’t be afraid to contact me! I can promise you I am incredibly affordable and efficient. You send me information on what you’re looking for, any details on what inspires you, tell me all the things you like and even the things you don’t and we will work together to create a masterpiece that you can’t wait to share with others!

To get a good look at some of the pre-made items I have available and to get a feel for my work head on over to the Shop.

I’m excited for the opportunity to work with you so don’t hesitate to Contact Me! (:


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