Dear 5th Termers…

It was sometime around 2010 when I first really discovered just how much I loved to cook. With one year left in my undergrad I became obsessed with Julia Child, Bobby Flay, exquisite French food and bread. Mmm bread! I started cooking for friends, baking cupcakes just for the sake of making them to share with others, attempting to cook dishes as pretty and delicious as I possibly could!  I even tackled the dreaded soufflé and time consuming chocolate filled croissants! I couldn’t put into words how much I enjoyed it, and I’d be lying if I said I never questioned if I had chosen the right career path. I even went to the extent of looking into culinary schools in the Atlanta area for a while. Then I graduated, moved home and started working – started being an adult I guess. My time in the kitchen became practically non-existent. It wasn’t until we moved here to St. Vincent that I started back in the kitchen.

Honestly, spending my time here cooking was the last thing I expected to do! I still can’t believe how quickly my business grew and evolved from making some muffins and egg sandwiches in the morning to at times reaching 100 lunches a week! I can’t really put into words how blessed I feel and how thankful I am!! But I’m going to try…

To the 5th term students that will be leaving in a few weeks – I want to say thank you. Thank you for your support, your business, your encouragement and above all else your friendship. You have helped me remember something that I loved and helped me turn what seemed like a very distant desire into a reality. Timothy and I begun this journey with many of you and it is safe to say that we will miss you so so much. We can’t imagine this school without you. Many of you have become some of our closest friends and we can only hope our paths will cross again soon.  

Best of luck to you in the next step of your adventure! Enjoy being home, and if you’re ever around North Carolina make sure to get in touch with us (: and again – thank you!

You will be missed.