Meet Me

Hey y’all! My name is Stephanie – and that handsome man in the picture with me is my partner in crime, Timothy. Welcome to the page where I tell you about me! I’m always excited for the opportunity to meet new people so I’ll try not to scare you off šŸ˜€

I’m a little unconventional, unorganized and a bit scatter-brained at times but also a lover of all things art, people, everything food related and the outdoors. I am a follower of Jesus, saved by grace and forever learning and growing. I’ve been married to my best friend (the handsome gentleman mentioned prior) since May 2013 and I love sharing life with him! We are from the gorgeous town of Franklin, NC and no matter where we are, our hearts are still in Franklin. There we are constantly surrounded by beautiful mountains and wonderful family – what is there not to love about that!? I’ve been a Photographer since sometime around 2010 and I’ve loved every single minute of it! When I am not taking pictures I can usually be found in the kitchen either eating or cooking. I think I define the word “foodie”! I attended Valdosta State University and graduated in 2011 with a BFA in Studio Art and an extra focus in Photography and Graphic Design. I absolutely love taking pictures of people. Even more than taking the photographs I love the opportunity I have to get to know so many different people in different walks of life. Through my designs and photography I have met some of the most amazing people andĀ I’m excited to continue that trend with you! There is just something so rewarding about designing a bride’s dream wedding stationary, knowing my art makes people smile, capturing the first few precious days of a new baby, or the groom’s smile when he first sees his bride walking towards him. I have been beyond blessed with theseĀ opportunities and I hope to in turn bless you with my gifts! I am based out of Franklin, NC but I service Western North Carolina as well as North Georgia and beyond so don’t be worried if you’re not close by – I love to travel (:

Want to talk? Contact me (:

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