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St. Benedict’s Children’s Home Wishlist & Child Sponsorship

Hey everyone! I have been posting a lot on Facebook asking for help for St. Benedict’s Children’s Home here on St. Vincent. This post is to inform y’all regarding ways that you can help by sponsoring the children or donating items the Home is in need of. First though, I’ll give a quick update for those of you that haven’t seen the posts or don’t know much about the home!

 Here on the island Timothy and I are currently living on there are a couple orphanages and children’s homes. One in particular the Trinity School of Medicine Christian Fellowship group has had a consistent relationship with. A couple weeks ago we had the blessing to go visit the Home to deliver some donated good and some money from fundraising. While we were there we spent some time with the kids and got a tour of the Home. Currently at the Home there are 13 children ranging from 1 year old to 24 years old. Over half of the children are currently living with some form of mental or physical disability – many of which are severe.

 Here are a few pictures from the day – more are coming soon!

This is Kiara, she is 7 years old! She is so full of smiles and laughter!
While we were there some people from different businesses and organizations around the island were donating their time and supplies to cleaning up the playground and giving it a cheerful paint job! It was such a busy day for the Home and a blessing to see so many people willing to help out!


Kiara jumping rope! She is so much better than me haha

 While visiting I was struck with the realization of how GOOD we really have it in the United States. I don’t think we ever really understand how drastic that is until we are surrounded by people that don’t have it quite so easy. Look how simple it is for us to just take a trip to Wal-Mart to grab whatever we may possibly need. On top of convenience, it makes a huge difference how much more affordable things are in the States in comparison to a small island in the Caribbean where everything has to be imported.

 I desperately want to use our blessings in America to bless the children at this Home. So this is where I come to all of you for help.

 There are multiple ways you can help out!

1. Pray. Please keep the Home, the children here and the people of St. Vincent in your prayers continually.

2. Donate items to the Home. I have a list of immediate and continuing supplies the Home needs for the children. I will post it at the bottom. I am currently working with some people to clear shipping of items purchased for the Home from the U.S. to St. Vincent. There is a possible large shipment coming next month as well as many family members of students coming over the next few months that have offered some suitcase space. This is a huge blessing as shipping to the island is outrageously expensive! So if you’re interested in helping with this please contact me so we can work out the details (:

3. Sponsor a child! If you are interested in sponsoring a child the cost is $50 U.S. dollars per month. However, please don’t let that deter you because that is not a mandatory cost, just the total needed. Any amount helps! Let me know if this is something that interests you and I can send you some information on the children.

 All I ask above all else is that you continuously pray for the Home, the staff and the sweet children staying there. If you feel God directing you towards helping in any other way please know that it will be so very appreciated.


Wish List

 *these first few items are large, not a necessity but things that would help make things much easier on them*
Canopy Covers – thick and durable! The Home has a large fundraiser each year and they normally have to rent or try to get these donated. Owning them would help not only with the fundraisers but with day-to-day activities around the Home.
Commercial Ice Maker – another item that is needed for the fundraiser as well as around the Home. It is a very lengthy and costly process for them to get the ice they need for the fundraiser – it would help with sales as well as helping them around the Home.

Immediate & Ongoing Items
 –  Adults size – Medium, (for the use of the 3 disabled young adults)
 –  Children – over size, (for the use of the 6 year old disabled girl)
 – Child – 11 months, (A boy)
Deodorant (1 male and 5 females)
Sanitary pads (no tampons please)
Powdered soap (for washing)
Powdered Milk (Full cream)
Brown sugar
Juices (individually packaged)
Snacks (individually packaged preferred)


Here is the link to the St. Benedict’s Children’s Home website. It is currently in the process of being updated. The page with the information on the children is out of date, however I have a list of details on each child including what size clothes they wear and items they specifically need if you’d like to donate something more direct.


“Whatever assistance we can obtain, will be appreciated.”
 – Sister Nyra, director of St. Benedict’s Children’s Home


Thank you for taking the time to read this (:

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